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In today’s dynamic international economic and trade climate, there are all sorts of transactions, projects, and events involving a Saudi Arabian legal component -- at Alsabhan & Alajaji Pinsent Masons LLC, we look forward to helping our clients in the successful resolution of many different challenges and opportunities, on either a local, regional, or global level, involving matters including:
  • Investment issues for those interested in investing in Saudi Arabian concerns;
  • Real estate ownership concerns for those who own, or are considering purchasing land or property in Saudi Arabia;
  • Representation in litigation arising out of a legal dispute in Saudi Arabia;
  • Professional legal opinions for mergers and acquisitions or disputes involving agreements, contracts, or deals; and
  • General legal questions concerning Saudi Arabian law and regulation, or Islamic law, which can be quite different from the legal approaches of Western nations.

Saudi Arabian Legal System Is Unique

Since the passage of its Foreign Investment Law in 2000, Saudi Arabia has become internationally recognized as one of the optimal places for doing business in the world as well as the Middle East.  According to a 2013 report by the National Bank of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia is the top foreign investment destination in the Arab world today, and many would argue this is due in part to Saudi Arabia’s participation in organizations like the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA).

Businesses, companies, and individuals are all looking to Saudi Arabia for investment in a wide variety of projects, from oil and gas ventures to commercial properties, industrial concerns, and various assets such as raw real estate.  The rights of ownership for foreign investors as well as matters concerning employer-employee relations, coordination of joint ventures, repatriation, and dispute resolution are examples of issues where Saudi Arabian law will impact the foreign investor’s operations, whether or not that investor is from one of the Arab countries, or is based in Europe or the United States.

The legal system of Saudi Arabia differs from countries in other parts of the world and is especially distinctive from those nations whose legal systems are based upon English common law or Roman civil law. The primary source of Saudi Arabian law is the Islamic Shari‘a.

It is therefore important to foreign investors in Saudi Arabia to coordinate their efforts with Saudi legal expertise, particularly when these foreign interests are newly acquainted with the Saudi legal system.

The law firm of Alsabhan & Alajaji Pinsent Masons LLC is dedicated to assisting clients in successful navigation of the Saudi legal system as they achieve their business and investment goals.  The lawyers at Alsabhan & Alajaji Pinsent Masons LLC devote their areas of legal practice to the following areas of expertise:
  • Communications
  • Construction
  • Corporations / Emerging Companies
  • Financial Services / Banking and Investment
  • Oil and Gas / Minerals
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Trade Services
  • Transportation
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