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Disputes will arise during the course of a business deal or in the process of getting to the closing table.  As the globalization of businesses continues to evolve, the complexity of these controversies can grow exponentially, as factual issues span cultural boundaries and legal issues dovetail over multiple jurisdictions.

It is important to have lawyers that not only understand the transactional approach to any kind of business effort, but also a comprehension of what is needed when conflicts arise in this kind of fast-paced, complex global setting that may require dispute resolution or litigation in order to overcome and succeed.

This is particularly true for controversies that arise in Saudi Arabian matters, because the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a distinctive legal system comprised of Islamic Shari’a and royal dictate.  Our firm is able to assist clients not only in understanding the distinctions and nuances of the Saudi legal system but to represent them in regional local litigation, Saudi and GCC arbitration, and other kinds of dispute resolution.  

Here at ALSABHAN & ALAJAJI, lawyers with extensive business acumen coupled with legal expertise are able to advise and represent our clients in both transactional and litigation arenas, and to understand when formal resolutions through trial or otherwise are required in our clients’ best interests.  This can happen in business matters that include:
  • Commercial contracts
  • Business agreements
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • employment agreements
  • construction projects
  • foreign investment deals
  • food, drug, or medical sales or licensing
  • intellectual property matters
  • real estate purchase agreements.
Alsabhan & Alajaji Pinsent Masons LLC takes a practical approach to resolution and works with their clients in the analysis of applicable law as well as the situation’s unique circumstances to determine what the optimal approach should be: litigation of the case in a formal judicial proceeding or an alternative dispute resolution method (e.g., settlement negotiations, arbitration).

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